Summer Ordinances

City Ordinance (.pdf)

As spring arrives, code enforcement by the Durand Police Department increases.  Two of the codes that are routinely enforced during the warm months are the Junk Vehicle Ordinance and the Grass/Weeds Ordinance.

These ordinances are in place to help keep Durand a healthy, safe and clean community to live in.  By maintaining your property, you help maintain property values, you are being a good neighbor and you are making Durand a terrific place to live in or to visit. 

The Weeds/Grass Ordinance (82-31 & 32) reads in part that it is the responsibility of the property owner or occupant to maintain the height of the grass and weeds on the property.  The ordinance reads that when grass and weeds exceed six inches it must be cut and legally disposed of, including the grass along a fence, foundation and curb.

If a property owner or occupant fails to maintain the property within the guidelines set forth in the ordinance, the property owner can receive a citation and have to appear in court.  Also, the city can have the grass/weeds cut at the owner’s expense.  When the city has to contract with a lawn service to cut grass on property that is in violation of the ordinance, the lawn service charges $35.00 dollars per hour with a minimum charge of 1-hour and the city of Durand charges a $50.00 administrative fee for each time the city has to have the grass cut.  Please make sure to take care of your lawn to avoid this unnecessary fee.

The Junk Vehicle Ordinance (34-71) reads in part that a vehicle is in violation of the ordinance if any of the following auto components are in a condition other than what is listed:  working battery that will start the vehicle, a working engine, four (4) tires on the vehicle that hold air.

Rule of thumb:  If a vehicle is not road worthy, it is considered to be in violation of this ordinance.

The City of Durand Zoning Ordinance Section 1305, Off-Street Parking Requirements.  Reads; Off-street parking spaces may be located within a rear yard or within a non-required side yard unless otherwise provided in this Ordinance. Off-street parking shall not be permitted within a front yard nor with a required side yard setback unless otherwise provided in this Ordinance.

Other City Ordinances that are frequently violated during the warmer months are loud music from a residence or vehicle, bushes and shrubs that are not kept trimmed and are allowed to grow over sidewalks or become a vision obstruction to motorist, and people riding bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades or roller-skates in the Durand Business District or on private property, including parking lots. 

Any ordinance violation can be reported by calling Central Dispatch at 989-743-3411.

City of Durand Brush Collection

The City of Durand Maintenance Department will have two (2) pickups a year.  The pickups will be the first Tuesday in May and the first Tuesday October. The brush should be no longer than 4’ to 6’ feet in length stacked in the city easement. Brush can be put curbside no sooner than one week prior to pickup. 

Waste Management Brush/Yard Waste Collection Program

To assist the residents in keeping the community looking its best and to help keep yard waste out of the land fill; Waste Management’s Seasonal Brush/Yard Waste Collection Program begins the first Monday in April and ends the last Monday in November.  Brush/Yard Waste may be placed curbside no earlier than Sunday.  Brush must be bundled and tied in 4-6 foot lengths or placed in a maximum 32-gallon trashcan with a yard waste sticker on the container.  Yard waste stickers are available at Durand City Hall.  The container must have two exterior handles and tapered sides.  Yard waste may also be placed in the biodegradable paper compost bags.  Paper bags do not require a yard waste sticker. 

Waste Management would like residents to know what kinds of items are acceptable to include in their weekly trash pickup and what items are not acceptable.  Therefore, they have compiled the following list of items that are prohibited from landfill disposal. 

  • Medical waste
  • Beverage containers. (Applies to all containers that require a 10 cent deposit)
  • Whole motor vehicle tires
  • Yard clippings. (Must be in properly   marked containers/bags, April  1st- November 1st)
  • Used oil
  • Lead acid batteries (primarily truck and car batteries)
  • Low-level radioactive waste
  • Regulated hazardous waste
  • Liquid waste
  • Sewage
  • PBCs
  • Asbestos waste
  • Empty drums – Drums must be either full of solid waste or be crushed in order to be disposed of in a solid waste landfill.

A good source of information to learn how and where to recycle or dispose of the above mentioned materials is the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Web site, found at  Once at the site, click on “Waste” for information and links to desired information.

City Drop Off Site

There is also a yard waste drop off site available for city residents.  The drop off site is located at the City of Durand Wastewater Treatment Plant, 4910 S. Durand Rd.  The drop off site is open 8:00 – 11:00 AM and 1:00 – 3:00 PM, Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays) from April through November.  Weekend drop off is available by appointment.  Please call 989-288-2158 to schedule weekend drop off.

Only leaves, brush and normal yard waste will be accepted.  Loads containing anything other than compostable yard waste will be rejected.  Bagged yard waste must be in a biodegradable paper yard waste bag, plastic bags are not acceptable. A valid driver license with an address within the City of Durand (city resident) will be required for entry.  Please check in with plant staff prior to entering drop off area.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the spring!