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Ordinances in effect starting Dec. 1

Winter Parking Regulations

Do your part to keep our streets and sidewalks safe when the snow falls.
Learn more about the City's IDEP

Illicit Discharge Elimination

The City of Durand Illicit Discharge Elimination Program (IDEP) helps us to protect public waterways and infrastructure.
Recommended actions and policy updates.

COVID-19 Response

The City of Durand is assembling information regarding local, regional, and federal response efforts to encourage mitigation strategies.
Special notice for residents

Hydrant Flushing

Information on dates and times for Fall 2020 hydrant flushing.
Secure up to $1,500

Home Improvement Assistance Available

The City of Durand is launching a Neighborhood Blight Elimination Assistance program to award funds directly to homeowners for needed exterior repairs.
Stay up to date on city laws

Grass and Yard ordinances

Please remember to keep your grass short and your yard clean this summer. Click through for details.
Information on proposed development

Project Tim

As the developers make more information publicly available the City will share information via its website. We appreciate the community's patience as we work through confidentiality concerns.
Available at City Hall

Absent Voter Applications

Learn how to vote by mail in upcoming elections.