Tax Assessment

Assessor: Steve Vaughn
Phone: (989) 288-3113

Property Assessment Information: 
ECF Study 
401 W Main & Oak           - 410 College Estates
- 404 North Main                  - 411 South Side
- 405 Railroad                      - 412 Manfred Sub
- 407 Dover Estates             - 414 Creek Pointe

Land Value Studies
- 401 W Main                - 411 South Side
- 404 North Main           - 412 Manfred
- 405 Railroad               - 414 Creek Pointe- No Utilities 
- 407 Dover Estates      - 414 Creek Pointe
- 410 College Estates 

- 2023 March Board of Review Dates:
    - Tuesday, March 14th, Appeals 9:00am- 12:00 and 1:00pm- 4:00pm
    - Thursday, March 16th, Appeals 2:00pm- 5:00pm and 6:00pm- 9:00pm

2023 Poverty Information 
Poverty Guidelines
State Poverty Application
Exemption Affidavit Form 
Affirmation of Ownership

The City Assessor annually reviews the City's property tax rolls to determine tax rates within the community. These rates are based on voter approved special purpose millages (ex. Street Bond, Water Bond) as well as general government operating millages (ex. Schools, City, County). Once tax rates have been determined, the City Clerk/Treasurer is responsible for administering real and personal property tax collections. Late payments are processed by the Shiawassee County Clerk's Office. Current and historical tax rates and payment information are available through BS&A Online.

Only select taxes are actually captured by the City of Durand. Those with an asterisk (*) below are collected by the City and are either directly distributed to external entities for services provided (Ambulance, SATA), used exclusively to pay for a voter approved special project (Water Bond, Street Bond), or used to support the City's general operating fund. The "City Tax" is the primary source of revenue for all city services including police, fire, building and facility maintenance, parks and recreation, code enforcement, planning and zoning, economic development, community development, and general administration. 

The 2012 Water Bond is set to expire in 2019. All other taxes are distributed to the respective agencies that administer those programs or services.

2022 Winter Millage Rates

 Library  1.250000
 Shiawassee RESD  4.364400
 Shiawassee RESD CTE  1.000000
 School Debt  7.940000
 School Operating  18.00000
 Seniors  0.500000
 Medical Care  1.967900
 Veterans PA 214  0.100000
 Veterans Voted  0.195600
 MSU Extension  0.073900
 Ambulance*  1.650000
 Public Transportation (SATA)*  0.215000
 TOTAL  37.25680

2022 Summer Millage Rates

 City Tax (Operating)*  16.28310
 Voted Streets*  4.000000
 County Operating  5.422000
 State Education Tax  6.000000
 TOTAL  31.705100