Water Service

The City of Durand’s Water Department is operated as an enterprise fund, which means it operates as a business, supporting its expenditures from the sale of the water it produces. This department is responsible for supplying quality, state approved water for its customers to be used for drinking, bathing, business operations, etc. The Water Department has been in operation within the City of Durand since water mains were installed in the early 1900’s. The old treatment facility is located on Lincoln Street, enclosing two wells, which have supplied the City of Durand’s water since 1910. Iron removal was added in 1946 and was in service until 1995. The primary function of the Lincoln Wells today is to supplement the water supply from the Goodall Wells. The treatment of the city’s water is now done at the new facility located on Lansing Road.

In February 1994, the citizens of Durand passed a general obligation bond issue allowing the City to borrow up to 3.1 million dollars from Farmer’s Home Administration to improve and expand the water system. The water project provided a new well site located on Goodall Road, 3 miles north of Durand. On this property, two wells have been constructed to provide an increased supply of water to the current customers and allow for expansion. These wells are our main water source and pump water through transmission lines to the Water Treatment Facility. This facility has a rated capacity of 1,100,000 gallons per day and is currently producing approximately 400,000 gallons of treated water each day. It also houses a laboratory/office, chemical feed room, employee bathroom, showers, pump gallery, and iron removal filters. The garage addition, completed in 1996, houses a workshop, storage area and space to park the vehicles and large equipment of the department.

The Water Department is responsible for maintenance of the City’s infrastructure, which transports the water to approximately 1450 customers to which the City of Durand currently provides service. Day to day operations of this department consist of meter reading, monitoring wells, drawing samples of water, transporting those samples to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for testing, properly chlorinating the water, while providing service to the water customers. Customer services performed are, repair/replacement of meters, water main and hydrant repairs, hydrant flushing, investigation of high usage billings, and customer requested water turn on/turn offs.

The plant staff consists of two state licensed full-time employees and one part-time employee. These employees are required to attend state approved training to keep their license current.