Street Funds and Maintenance

Funding for street improvements, maintenance, and related non-motorized transportation (lighting, signage, ect) is generated from State Act 51 monies based on the total miles of Major and Local streets within City Limits. These funds are used to maintain roadways but typically are not sufficient to actually perform reconstruction or rehabilitation projects on streets. Maintenance includes crack sealing, curb and gutter repairs, pothole repair, patching, re-striping, snow removal, de-icing, and other other activities aimed at extending the useful life of the roadways and improving safe access to roadways.

Street Bond

The Street Bond or "Voted Street" millage is a voter approved tax dedicated specifically to funding a multi-year street reconstruction or rehabilitation program. The City is now in its third year of this project. These funds may also be leveraged as matching dollars for state or federal grants aimed at supplementing project funding for qualifying streets.