The Equipment We use to Protect Our City

602pumpx602 - Primary Pumper by Luverne

In Service since 1997
Class A Pumper
6 person jumpseat cab with 6 SCBA
1000 Gallon water tank
1250 GPM Pump - Integrated foam system
15 Gallons FireCap foam
1200 ft of 3 inch hose
500 ft of 5 inch hose
Gasoline powered Ventilation Fan
6.5 KW Generator w/lighting
Carbide "bullet" Chain roof ventilation saw


604pumpx604 - Secondary Pumper by Smeal

In Service since 2013
Class A Pumper / Tanker
Primary Vehicle for all Mutual Aid
5 person cab with 5 SCBA
1500 Gallon water tank
1250 GPM Pump with Foam system
Hard Suction hoses for drafting
Deck Gun (removable)
400 ft of 3 inch hose
1100 ft of 4 inch hose
500 ft of 5 inch hose
10 Gallons FireCap foam + 20 gal in system Gasoline powered Ventilation Fan
5 KW Portable Generator w/portable lighting


603squadx603 - Squad Truck

In Service since 2001
Cascade system (4 x 4500 psi)
Capable of filling 45 SCBA bottles
Can also fill SCUBA bottles
Thermal Imaging Camera (ISG Elite XR)
Haz Mat Reference materials
Laptop Computer with printer (Internet capable)
12 spare SCBA bottles
30 Gallons FireCap foam603inx4.4 KW Portable Generator
Onboard 12VDC / 120 VAC power inverter