City of Durand Public Officials

Durand City Hall
Durand City Hall
215 W. Clinton Street
Durand, MI 48429
Phone (989) 288-3113            Fax (989) 288-4114

Elected Officials
Deborah Doyle, Precinct I
Brian Boggs, Precinct I
John S. Matejewski, Precinct II
Tom VanRiper, Precinct II
Jeff Brands, At Large
Connie Cobley, Precinct I
Rich Folaron, Precinct II 


Lisa David
Jason Hartz
Richard Rinker
Heidi S. Roenicke
Marty Johnson

The Durand City Council

The citizens of Durand elect 7 representatives who are vested with legislative powers and duties as assigned by state law or city charter. The City Council approves the annual budget, adopts resolutions and ordinances. All records of council business and copies of official documents are available from the City Clerk's office.

How Many Council Members Are There?
The City of Durand is divided into two precincts, each represented by three elected members. One council member serves at an at-large status, representing the entire city.

How Long Is A Council Office Term?
Council members are elected in odd-numbered years and serve a four-year term with the exception of the member who is elected at-large; a two-year term. All terms are staggered, which means that only a portion of the City Council is elected at a given election. Term of office begins at 7:30 p.m. on the Monday following the regular City Election at which the councilperson was elected.

When Are Council Meetings Held?
City Council meets on the 1st Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Pre-Council meeting is held at 7:00 p.m. to review the agenda items. Special meetings may be called by the clerk upon written request of the Mayor or any two (2) City Council members.  A special Meeting that is called by the City Council requires posting for eighteen (18) hours.

Where Are Council Meetings Held?
The council conducts its business in the Council Chambers, located directly off the main lobby of Durand City Hall, 215 W. Clinton Street. On occasion, the City Council may meet at other locations.

How Is City Council Organized?
The City Council elects its Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem at the first meeting following a city election. The election is conducted by written ballot and by majority vote of the members of the council in office at the time.

Who Can Address The City Council At A Meeting?
All citizens have the opportunity to be heard at all regular meetings of the Durand City Council. If someone would like to address the City Council on a matter not covered by the agenda, he / she may speak under the agenda item entitled "CITIZENS PRESENT" by giving his / her name, address, and purpose of comments.

How Is The Budget Adopted?
At the first regular meeting in April each year, the City Manager presents a proposed annual budget to the City Council for the next fiscal year which begins July 1st. The City Council reviews the document, then makes recommendations during a series of public hearings. These hearings are an opportunity for citizens to give their comments on the proposed budget on or before the second meeting held in May, with or without amendments.

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