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    The Durand Fire Department is entrusted with protecting the lives and property of the citizens of this city. It is a huge responsibility that we all take very seriously. When a new firefighter joins the department, they begin with 160 hours of intense instruction. That is followed up with at least 32 hours of additional in-house training every year. In addition to fighting fires, the Durand Fire Department also conducts fire safety training at the schools at least once a year. We also spend most of our fire department time maintaining the fire hall and all the equipment that we depend on to do our job.

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Durand Firefighters 2013

Lt to Rt - Chief Rinker, Brian, Capt S. Mince, Nemitz, Olund, Sgt Spaniola, Ritchie,
Lieut DeFrenn, Savino, Kelley, Custer, Sgt Watson, Kelly, Safety Bemis, Pena, Asst Chief Krupp

Not in picture: Lieut: D. Mince, Witherell, Sawyer

Photography by A & R Portraits

Durand Fire Department - Apr. 2013

Currently Active Personnel

Richard RinkerDec 1980Chief
Steven Mince Jul 1988Captain
Steven (Dan) MinceOct 1995Lieutenant
Jason DeFrennAug 2003Lieutenant
Nick SpaniolaJul 1997Sergeant
Nathan WatsonOct 2004Sergeant

Chuck OlundSep 1994
Jason NemitzSep 1995
Rob WitherellApr 2008
Landon RitchieNov 2008
Nicholas KellyJan 2011
Clinton SawyerFeb 2011
Mario SavinoApr 2012
Jim PenaApr 2012
Blake KelleyOct 2012
Courtney CusterApr 2013
Jim KessellJun 2013

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